Download And Install Apple iMessage For PC Windows 10/8.1/7

Apple iMessage For PC Windows

iMessage is an exclusive feature for iOS device users and almost every iOS users love this feature on their device. Having iMessage there is no need of having other instant messaging services on your device. Its packed with many useful and fun features to make your conversation expressive and fun. iMessage is a product of Apple and like every other apps and device of Apple, iMessage also easy to use and intuitive. This comes pre-installed on any iOS device, by activating this feature you can send the text message using the internet. Not just this, like any other instant messaging apps, it can share media, doc, notes. You can also download add-on feature from App store to add fun to it.

As said it is just an iOS exclusive application, which you cannot download on other operating systems. It means you will miss some of the best features of iMessage. But here we come with a useful trick to download and install Apple iMessage for PC Windows 10/8.1/7. So, not having an iOS device should be an issue, we are going to share with you how to download iMessage on Windows PC. Well, it will be an even fun experience to use iMessage on PC or laptop. If you want to know how then here are all about how can you use iMessage on Windows.

Download iMessage on PC Windows 10/8.1/7 For Free Without Jailbreak!!

Although, you can find many tutorials to use this Apple-owned popular messaging service on Windows PC. But here we have chosen the easiest ways and steps, which are not time-consuming. You don’t even need expertise any of the methods. So, without any worry let us dig into the steps where you can download iMessage and install on your Windows PC or laptop.

Method 1: Use iMessage on Windows PC with iPadian

You might have heard if you are in the line who are looking for best iOS emulators for Windows. Yes, iPadian is one of the best iOS emulators that you can download on your Windows PC or laptop. Now, using this emulator you can easily download some iOS apps. Now, let us know how to download and install iMessage on PC using iPadian emulator; in below there are some steps to be followed if you want to successfully install iMessage app on Windows PC.

Step 1: To download iMessage on Windows PC, you need to download iPadian emulator.

Step 2: You can download it free from this link. download iPadian for Windows. This Software or emulator works on all Windows version including Windows 10/8.1/8/7. So, having any of the Windows version you are good to go with further steps.

Step 3: After downloading it on your Windows PC, you can easily install this software like usual installation procedure. Click on the downloaded iPadian setup file and follow the installation dialog to get it done.

Step 4: An iPadian shortcut should appear after installation completed. Tap on the icon and let it launch.

Step 5: A search bar at the top-right corner you can see. Type the keyword as iMessage and hit the enter button.

Step 6: You can see iMessage for Windows PC in the result. Tap on the result and immediately select the download option.

Step 7: After a while iMessage for PC should be downloaded or you will be notified when it is completed.

Step 8: Now in the iPadian downloaded app menu, you can see the iMessage as well. Select the app to get started iMessage on Windows PC/laptop. Also, note that you may need to sign in will your Apple ID to use this iMessage app for Windows.

So, this is how you can use iMessage on a PC or laptop using iPadian. All you need to follow the given steps and the good thing is that all downloading iPadian on Windows is free. We will also show you another method to install iMessage on your Windows PC but this method is recommended.

Important Note:

iPadian is an iOS simulator, which means to give you’re the iOS experience on any non-iOS device. You can download this emulator for free for Windows Operating System. Downloading this emulator, you can use some of the useful apps, which are available on App Store. So, you can also use iMessage on Windows by installing this iPadian emulator. Beside iMessage, you can download and use your favorite iOS apps on your Windows PC/laptop.

Method 2: Use iMessage on PC with Chrome Browser

Chrome is a popular browser among Windows PC or laptop user. If you are on the line who use Chrome in Windows system then you can use iMessage on your PC. Some simple steps need to be followed, which we will share in below. Or if you don’t use Chrome browser then you need to download it first and should follow this how method for iMessage on PC using Google Chrome browser.

Step 1:  If you don’t have Chrome browser then Click Here to download for free and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Open Chrome browser and you need to download an extension for Chrome browser. Using the extension, you can log in to iMessage.

Step 3: To download extension app for using iMessage on PC, you can go to Chrome Extension Store or click here, it should redirect you to the Chrome Remote Desktop.

Step 4: After Chrome Remote Desktop app download, immediately you can see LAUNCH APP button on the top-right corner.

Step 5: Select LAUNCH APP and then download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer. Install the download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer again on your Mac device.

Step 6: After installation on Mac, you should follow some initial setup process. And after all done, you can replicate all notification and task from your Mac.

Now, as you can easily sync an iOS device with your Mac device or can use iMessage on Mac. All the notifications and iMessage notification should be coming on your Windows PC as well. Chrome Remote Desktop app allows you to access other devices apps and files securely. So, this way you can manage using iMessage on your Windows OS PC and Laptop.

Final Words:

iMessage is an important feature for the iOS device such as iPhone and iPad devices. Having an iOS device, you can easily this most popular messaging service without any issue. Or if you wish to use iMessage on Windows PC or laptop then there is no easy way to get it. However, we have shared the easiest way to download and install iMessage on PC or laptop. All you need to follow the above-shown tutorial to use iMessage on Windows Operating System. We recommended you to follow the first method, as that is much more practical than the second method. You can try the second method if iPadian doesn’t work on your PC.