Top 15 Best Strategy Games For Android

Best Strategy Games For Android

Strategy games are one of the best things that you can probably play on your Android devices. Also there are many low profile graphics card for PC gaming. But playing games on a mobile device means you would want to open up the game any time you want and start playing. And when it comes to strategy games, you are sure to enjoy the same. Strategy games includes games that you can play online, offline or in real time. So today we will be talking about some of the best strategy games based on all the genre of strategy that will include offline, online as well as real time strategy games.

All these games that we will be talking about are well known and has a great game play so no matter whether you like fighting games, city building games, fighting or online Player vs Player games you are sure to get best of each games right here. With that begin said, it is recommended that you have an android device that will support the games which means you will need a mid range device with configurations as follows.

Summary of Best Android Strategy Games:

Clash of Clans:

First on this list of strategy games that you can play online is the world wide known Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is developed and published by Super Cell. Since the first launch of Clash of Clans back in 2012 for iOS user and later for android device in 2013, Super Cell has changed a lot of things in their game play as well the graphics with added features. Clash of Clans is defiantly a games that you would want to play right now as this is a freeium game which means you can either choose to buy stuff here to grow quickly or simply play as a unpaid user to enjoy the game.

No matter how you want to play the games, users are sure to play the game and enjoy playing them as well. Available for both android and iOS devices, you can play the game on the 2 platforms different from one another in few graphical interface. You can choose to play single matches or you can also choose to play in war to attack multiple players as well.

Mobile Legends:

Mobile Legends is a RTS based game where you will need to choose different heroes to play against other players as well. the game play of Mobile Legends is really addictive and this is the reason why this is on the 2nd best strategy game on our list. The graphical interface is really good to look at and with added features like new game play and new attacks with each heroes you are sure to enjoy playing he game easily. SO if you want to play real time strategy games on your mobile device which are similar like  Dota or League of Legends then this is the game for you.

Mobile Legends is developed and Published by Moonton. The game was released in the year 2016 for both android and iOS devices. This is one of those games that will require you to have a mid range performance device to play the game due to high graphics. So if you already have a great android then you are ready to play the game. As a personal Mobile Legends player, I can promise you that you will defiantly love the game play. you can play online in 5v5 PvP game in a battlefield mode.

Clash Royale:

Clash Royale is yet another game which is developed and published  by Super Cell. This is a card based game which includes troops from Clash of Clans as well as new troops from Clash world. After the intense success of  Clash of Clans, Super Cell released a new game namely BombBeach which wasn’t much of a success and soon released he Clash Royale game which instantly took clashing to a new level. with troops upgrades unlike Clash of Clans here you need only gold to upgrade troops and play against other players. The PvP game play includes 2V2 as well as 1V1 game play.

New features of Clash Royale includes Wars and Battle Fields and more chances of getting legendary troops as well. So if you are thinking about playing a game similar to Clash of Clans but with a different game play then this is the game for you. Here you can play on different levels of field which you won’t be able to play anywhere else.


Plague.Inc is a strategy game where you will need to strategically start an infection which you will need to spread all over the world. Yes, that is right here in this game-play you will be the villain and you will need to successfully kill off humans and other races. the game-play may seem easy but as humans try to fight back with antidote you will also need to upgrade your virus and keep infecting new people. So if you think that you got what it takes to kill of the entire humanity from the face of earth using a single virus and your intellect to upgrade the virus then this game is for you.

The game play is really addictive and as a fellow Plague.Inc player I would suggest that you play the game as much as you want and when you want to. The game play doesn’t stop as you close the game as the virus keeps spreading in real time but in a faster pace. You will need to act fast when a new antidote is manufactured. If you are into games like this then simply get the game and start playing. the game is light and can be played on a minimal android device.

Dawn of Titans:

Dawn of Titans is one of those games which requires a good android device to play. This is not just because the game is quite large with additional files but also has great graphics as well. The game play of the Dawn of Titans takes place in a fantasy world where the world of humans are invaded by really strong enemies. So what do you do now? Well you fight back with your fellow titans along with their tech and upgrades. The game play of Dawn of Titans involves you to play as a leader of your village where you will need to go on mission as well as harvest crops to feed the troops as well as mine ores to upgrade.

You can also collect ores and resources from battle field that are dropped by enemies and more. You can also choose to go for collectibles that are available to upgrade heroes and more, so if you are thinking about playing a game that is based on fantasy and strategy based game play then this is the game for you.  So without being said I hope you love playing this game, go ahead and download the game right now.

2020: My Country:

2020 My Country is a building based game where you start off as a builder and later turn on to be the major of the country. The game play of the 2020 My country involves you to manage a whole country which is based on fantasy and keep it growing. the game play is really cool as you can build and do what you want. The aim of the game is to build new spaces, buildings, and instrument or resources to help people survive and maintain law and order. The game-play is realistic so you will need to face with everyday events like fire breakout, storm and other natural and artificial disaster which will hinder your country growth.

So if you love building games which involves building cities and even help developing a country toward new technology and more then this game is for you. This is a totally strategy based game which you can play for days in and days out.

Chess Online:

Playing chess will never be more fun. Now you can play chess on offline mode on your android device against artificial intelligence on easy, medium or hard mode. Or you can simply choose to play chess online against other Chess online player from all over the world. So if chess is one of those games that you love playing then this game is definitely for you. More over that, the game doesn’t need even a mid range performing device so you can play on your years  old Gingerbread android device as well.

The game play is quite integrating as you play just like a really chess game and you will have time as well as different other basic as well as expert game play options that you can choose from to make both online and offline game play more interesting.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links:

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links is a total online game play based  game which is great to play from. The game play is in real time strategy game which is really interesting. How? Well, if you area  real time Yu Gi Oh Duel Links player and you happen to pass another Yu Gi Oh Duel Links player in real life on street or traveling somewhere you can  challenge them for a battle , sounds great right? this real life based strategy game is really interesting to play just like PokeMon Go but this involves strategically defeating your opponent.

Not just real life base you can choose to play the game online against players from all over the world as well. if you haven’t player or watched Yu Gi Oh before then this will be much more interesting for you. You can choose to watch an anime as well if you have played the game and loved it.

Mafia City:

Mafia city is about a game play where you will need to grow from a street thug to be able to get down to a city mafia. the game play is really interesting to play around as all you need to do is play missions and go ahead with your most trusted and loyal friends to take over the city. So if you are into strategy gaming where you will need to takeover and rule out a whole city then this game is for you. What makes this game play even better is that you will be able to choose to either become a leader or choose to be a bad mafia who want to rule the city as he wish to.

Craft powerful weapons and more items like bombs and street thugs with machine guns to take over police and also other thugs who are on a role to kill you off. This MMO strategy based game is lover all over that world and with high rating this is one of the tuned out to be a great game as well. though you will have no multiplayer option to play around with but you are sure to enjoy the single player for days.

Plants VS Zombies:

Plants VS Zombie is a well known game that is played by many android device users. One of the best part of the game is that you will need to strategically play the game all the time so you don’t run out of pea shooter as well as the zombies don’t come to close. The game itself offer with a great game play which you can play for hours. The game unlocks new levels with every level that you finish so you are sure to enjoy the game always with new tricks and more harder game play.

One of the best part about this game is that you will be able to get new updates with new game play options with each new update. So if you are thinking about playing a great game which also offers with new updates every time then this game is for you.

Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game:

Zombie Anarchy : survival Game is abased on a strategy game play where you are a survivor of a fantasy world zombie attack. now you will need to survive the zombies strategically so you don;’t get killed and also you will need to start your research in search for more humans,. you will need to find and collect evidence about the surviving humans who have escaped the zombie apocalypse and are living in a zombie free zone.

The main game play involves you to kill of zombies and make off strategy to survive and get closer to every checkpoint every time which will bring you close to the safe zone. so if ou are into zombie games and want to play a strategy based zombie game rather then an action based game then this game is for you.

Art of War 3- PvP:

Art of War is a player vs Player strategy game where you can only lay on a multiplayer mode which means you will need an active internet connection. The game itself is really great to play around with as you will play against other players from all over the world as well. One of the best thing about this game is probably that you will have nothing to buy from so as a player you will have upgrades and items which you collected in battles.

This game is totally based on online strategy game play so you will be able to enjoy a game play with different ending every time as you will face different players every time. So if you are thinking about playing a online PvP game with totally free to play.


Megapolis is yet another building based game where you will need to be a the mayor of a city who is thinking about wining the election once against and play good for their citizens. You will need to stop crimes from happening by building police-station as well as take care of hazards that might occur anytime like earthquake, fire breakout and more. You main aim in the game is to help the city to grow and in the process to take care of the citizens as well. As a major you can make new rules and implement nuclear station to increase population and foreigner demand for good who are visiting here.

Titan Fall Assault:

Coming close to the end Titan Fall Assault is really a great game based on fantasy game play. Here you will need to play as a leader of the fantasy kingdom and you will definitely love the game play as you will be able to command a whole army as you want just like Dawn of Titan.  The game play involves using magical item to upgrade your troops to easily defeat enemies as well as to increase your army strength incase of a sudden attack. The game involves single player as well a multiplayer game  which means you will never get bored playing this game.

So be it if you are offline or online, you can enjoy both with Titan Fall Assault. the game is a freemium one so if you wish you can also purchase item from shop to become stronger and to make your kingdom larger which will increase your army space as well as fighting strength.

Final Words:

So these were the list of the best android strategy games that you can play right now. We have mentioned all the possible strategy games like online, offline, real time strategy and more, so if you want to play any any of these games then you will definitely find one to choose from right here.  Also, all the games mentioned here are free to play. Though you may find in-app purchased that are common in all games now a days, you are sure to enjoy each of the game mentioned here. If you liked our list of strategy games then let us know in the comment section below and also if you know about any strategy game that you think should be in this list then let us know.